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INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH LANDSCAPES- catalog and selected works 1976 - 2006
Memories of

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Milltown Memories exhibition catalog

“Enyedi was born and raised in Chicago. Like many children of the Midwest, he grew up without prejudice against heavy industry. Work paid the bills and the plants provided lots of work. Children know that because their parents tell them so. On a purely kid level, the steel plants, refineries and warehouses are just flat out cool because they are so big, so busy and so dirty. Watching them is like staring at an ant farm. Something is always going on.”
Ferdinand Protzman, excerpted from catalog essay

1998, Acrylic, Graphite and
Enamel on Illustration
H. 48" L. 96"
D. 7.25"
Hearland Souvenir, large wall relief 165 Ton Ladle
1999, Acrylic, Enameli
on Illustration
H.48" L. 40"
D. 8"
165 Ton Ladle, wall relief
Red Factory
2001, Acrylic, Graphite on Illustration Board
H. 40" L.60"
D. 9.5"

Red Factory, wall relief
Lift Bridge
– Coal Barge

2002, Digital Print, Enamel and
Stone on Illustration
L. 20" D. 5"
Lift Bridge–Coal Barge, handcolored digital print wall relief

Acrylic, graphitel on
illustration board
H. 30" L.62 " D. 9.5"

Elevated Views, wall relief Rust Belt Elegy
1998, Iron Filings in Polymer, Enamel &
and Acrylic on
Illustration Board
H. 36”
L. 69.75”
D. 10”
Rustbelt Elegy, wall relief
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