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Janos Enyedi Moves Furnace Road Studio South
May-Oct, 2011

Janos and Diana Enyedi moved to Mason Neck, Virginia on Nov. 1, 1986, to a small cottage surrounded by woods. Almost immediately they built Furnace Road Studio in which Janos created art – welded steel, 3 dimensional wall reliefs of paper construction, drawings, paintings and digital photographic prints, for nearly 25 years.

In the spring of 2011 Janos and Diana moved to St. Petersburg, FL and began renovating a commercial 2700 sq. ft. building as a live/work space – Furnace Road Studio South. They joined what is a very active artist community.

The renovation was nearing completion in September 2011. Janos and Diana were very pleased with the progress, happy with their new home and hopeful for the future. On September 25th, the St. Petersburg Times, Neighborhood section ran an article, Community of artists crafts a place to call home, which quoted Janos extensively about his move to the Dome District, an artists' enclave in St. Petersburg. Janos read the article that Sunday morning on his new patio with his 1st cup of coffee. Satisfied with the article, he got a 2nd cup of coffee and returned to the patio to do the crossword puzzle while Diana gardened nearby.

After a few minutes Diana found Janos slumped over the crossword. He had suffered a heart attack. Janos was rescusitated, taken to the ER, had immediate heart catherization to repair the damage, and in the following days appeared to be on the road to recovery. Howver, Janos developed complications and died on October 6, 2011.




Community of artists crafts a place to call home
Sandra J. Gadsden
St. Petersburg Times

September 25, 2011


Janos Enyedi
December 16, 1947-October 6, 2011

Andrew Meachem
St. Petersburg Times
Oct. 16, 2011


Death Notice
Ferdinand Protzman, edited by
The Washington

October 12, 2011

State of the Arts in Virginia

A lover of all types of art, Senator (Mark) Warner wants to
create an opportunity for Virginia-based artists to display
their work in the nation’s Capitol. He plans to rotate these
collections and artists.

The first collection displays work by 4 artists:
Sonya Clark is showing Barbershop Pole and Plain Weave
Janos Enyedi is showing Elevated Vews, Foreman’s Office,
Running Before the ZIM Sao Paulo II, Testing New Bascules–
The Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Thurston Howes is showing Ben Adams, Mattaponi Tribe,
Thomas C. Robino, Boatwright, Brady Blankeship, Musician,
Mask, Preston Atkins

Elizabeth Mears is showing Bundle of Fog in the Mountains,
Bundle of Big Sky, Bundle of Sunny Glade, Bundle of Reverie,
Bundle of Day’s End, Bundle of Quiet Shadows, Bundle of
Daybreak, Bundle of Secret Places, Guardian Bundles
Time Journey and The Running Woman

The works are on exhibit through February 2010.

State of Arts in Virginia brochure
State of Arts in Virgina, brochure, Enyedi bio

UNIWEST CONSTRUCTION of Fairfax, Virginia commissioned a large outdoor sculpture by Janos Enyedi to placed at the entry plaza of their new building at Rockville, Maryland.
The sculpture was installed in August of 2009.

The sculpture, entitled,Hurly Burly, stands 8’ x 8’ x 8’ and is made of welded, mild steel with a clear coat finish. The volumetric forms
compliment the lyrical curves of the architecture.

Hurly Burly greets the residents and visitors to the building. A low circular stone wall bench which surrounds the plaza invites one to stop for a respite.

Hurly Burly sculpture commission

click on image to view more sculpture

Dozer and Stacker,digital photograph
by Janos Enyedi,
is included in:

Work – the World
in Photographs

National Geographic
Ferdinand Protzman
pages 288-289

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