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Available sculptures shown here are constructed of mild steel. Click on images for larger view
The small maquettes, made of illustration board, project a scale height of 3 - 10 feet.

Dance # 5

1978, welded steel
H. 64" L. 78" D. 78"

Bessemer Dance 5, large scale welded steel

Song #3

1978, welded steel
H. 79”
L. 137”
D. 79”

Bessemer Song 3, 1978, large scale welded steel sculpture
Milltown Monday

1997,machine crushed &
welded steel
H. 20” L. 15” D. 15”
Milltown Monday Morning, steel sculpture
Shrine to
the Age
of Steel

2000, welded steel and chain
H. 37.5”
L. 18.5”
D. 14.5”
Shrine to the Age of Steel, steel sculpture
Mill Scheme
1997, welded steel
H. 12” L. 15” D. 13”

Mill Scheme, welded steel sculpture, view 1   Mill Scheme 2, welded steel sculpture
Boiler Maker
1978, welded steel
H. 14” L. 24”
D. 19”
Boiler Maker, 1978, welded steel sculpture
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sculpture maquette sculpture maquette
Sculpture maquette    sculpture maquette     
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