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December 16, 1947-October 6, 2011

“Janos Enyedi’s sculpture recaptures and reinvigorates the heroic traditions of American modernism. His keen sensitivity to the nation’s twentieth-century industrial spirit serves as the intellectual platform for his aesthetic essays in two and three dimensions. Enyedi’s painting and drawing, and especially his sculpture, take seriously America’s industrial past, less by documenting its former grandeur than by enabling its vestiges to take possession of our imagination. The visionary industrial landscapes of once muscular manufacturing, of vigorous inland transportation, and of imposing infrastructure are as much built on paradox as they are constructed from paper or in steel.”

Dr. Steven A. Mansbach,
Professor of Twentieth Century Art, University of MD

  Landscapes Series
  1976 to 2003

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Heartland Souvenir - connects to Memories of Milltown series
Rustbelt Elegy image connects to Made in America, 3-D series Hurly Burly, welded steel sculpture, links to series
  Digital print
  2003 to 2006

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Looking out of Machine Shop No. 2 - digital print, links to Made in America print series   Port of Virginia, digital print, links to  Working on the Water, series    Moran Tugs, digital print, links to  Work Boats series   Girder Falsework - Woodrow Wilson Bridge series
 Made in America   --------          Working on the Water    --------   --- Work Boats  --       ---- W. Wilson Bridge

  Digital print

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  Dock Scene–Mice - Ukraine, Port of Odessa  Rivers of Steel, digital print, links to Ukraine, Kryvi Rih series  Reactors 3 and 4, digital print, links to Ukraine, Chernobyl series   Cultural Center, digital print, links to Ukraine, Pripyat-Deadtown
Port of Odessa-------------- Kryvyi Rih  -------------------- Chernobyl  -------------------Pripyat-------
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