About the Art of Janos Enyedi

Janos was an internationally known artist whose paintings, sculpture and drawings celebrated his fascination with industrial landscapes and ports in the United States and Europe.
He created art over 4 decades. It is organized in these 12 Series listed chronologically.

About Janos
Born Jonathan George Enyedi in 1947. In 1970 he was a student at Southern Illinois University, studying graphic design.
Janos' Family
Janos Enyedi’s fraternal and maternal grandparents emigrated from Hungary through Ellis Island in the early 1900’s.
Janos was highly prolific in the creation of art across various media, as well as excelling in teaching, writing, and learning.

In the Words of Janos Enyedi

Deconstructivist Landscape Series

In the Words of Janos
"Aesthetically, I find an interesting and intrinsically humorous interplay between the illusion of 2-dimensional painting and the reality of 3- dimensional sculpture when I break or deconstruct the plain."

Memories of Milltown Series

"Milltown is an imaginary small factory town, not unlike Lake Wobegon. It is created from collective memories of every industrial city and town I have passed through since my earliest childhood experience of riding past the steel mills and refineries of Gary, IN, in a very gray autumn dusk. Those images pleasantly haunt and inspire me to this day."

Industrial Strength Landscape Series

“As my work progressed, I began experimenting with techniques which would allow me to recreate in paper, the details of steel that I have studied and become fascinated with over the years — torch-cut edges, welds, rivets, safety plate, and most importantly, RUST."

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St Pete Times
St Pete Times
Janos' work is for sale to private collectors and museums.
If you would like to schedule and exhibit of Janos' work in your gallery or museum.
Some pieces in the Janos Enyedi Collection are available for loan or donation to museums.