He was christened Jonathan George Enyedi, in 1947. In 1970 he was a student at Southern Illinois University, studying graphic design. He was just short of graduating when the Kent State massacre happened. Universities closed early. He took a summer job in Chicago, but was soon drafted and, of course, chose to join the Navy stationed at Fort Myers in Arlington, VA at the Bureau of Naval Personnel creating presentations for Admirals.

Being the Vietnam era, many sailors were passing through Fort Myers, so the Navy gave DC area sailors added compensation if they moved off base. He got an apartment that was home to many local artists. Shortly after that, he chose to be called “Janos” Enyedi. In off hours he became a printing assistant to a local stone lithographer and made many fine art friends. In 1972 he went to an artist party in a nearby apartment complex where Janos met Diana Miller.  

Janos completed his service to the Navy, married in 1973 Diana. She took the Enyedi name to make it slightly more recognizable. 

Janos enrolled at the Corcoran School of Art in DC, across the street from the White House. He changed his focus to becoming a fine artist.