Artist’s Statement

“On occasion I enjoy including a touch of dark humor in my work. In my imagination, I find it amusing to fantasize that all of the great landscapes that have ever been painted, have an industrial support structure behind them — I-beams, concrete, rebar — and in the deconstructivist landscapes I expose that structure. Aesthetically, I find an interesting and intrinsically humorous interplay between the illusion of 2-dimensional painting and the reality of 3- dimensional sculpture when I break or deconstruct the plain. On a more serious note, in the same way that nature ultimately reduces our most ambitious efforts to rust and dust, so we alter the landscape in the name of progress. Certainly the wrecking ball is a powerful and ominous symbol, as an object in its own right. It has only one purpose — destruction.”

Janos Enyedi, 2001
excerpted from Memories of Milltown, catalog.

Reconstructivist Landscape Series by Janos Enyedi

In late 2001, Janos was invited to submit an artwork by the Meridian House International for an international exhibition entitled True Colors: Meditations on the American Spirit, to commemorate the tragedy of September 11, 2001. 

Janos created Reconstructivist Landscape – from Sea to Shining Sea. Along with 69 other artists’ work, the exhibit traveled to 6 US cities and 9 countries, ending at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi, MS in September in 2004. Many works were damaged there by the 2nd disaster of the 21st Century–– Hurricane Katrina. Janos’ piece survived unscathed.